Trip to Bodega Bay

David and I went off to Bodega Bay today to surf and cycle. It was another really fun drive, lots of turns and beautiful scenery.

We got to Goat’s Rock and the mouth of the Russian River around 12:00. It was freak’n windy out there! Look at the fresh water entering the ocean, it looks pretty cool. David is being blow down in this picture, seriously. He coudl jump up and the wind moved him… it was crazy

The waves were crashing hardcore where we were but the wind was too rough for surfing, even cycling! We headed further south to check out the other beaches.

We passed Cheney Gulch, thought it was funny, Cheney… hehe

So it was windy right? Apparently it is always windy out there. We saw tons of windchime and otherwise-wind-ornamentals all over the place. Lots of kites as well, kite surfers too!

We are not entirely sure what creature this is, some sort of man-of-war, they were all over the place and absolutely beautiful.

Finally, back on the way home, Geurneville had some sort of festival. You can’t really see it in this picture but there were all of these people dancing around in costume. It was pretty fun to watch. We circled around a few times to get a gander.

Right now we are back in Aroma Roasters checking out the locals. We are hoping to pick up some guys and gals and get a party together by thursday. We shall see! We are cleaning off our tennis court tomorrow and setting it up for the party.

Well, we are going to get our freaks on here haha. We are looking for fun fag-hag combinations. LoL! I love David haha, he rocks my socks off.

Much love, miss you guys.

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