Trip to the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art

My photography professor spoke to our class about a photographer named Brian Ulrich.  He had talked about this photographer a few times earlier in the semester, this time he was brought up because it was having a showing in Kansas at the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art.  We had talked about getting a group of students together and making the trip ourselves but I just didn’t see that happening, and with nothing else really left to do this weekend, Ryan and I decided to make the trip ourselves.

We found the museum, in Overland Park, Kansas with little trouble thanks to my Garmin; best investment ever!

We had a good time walking through looking at photography from artists new and established.  Though, by far, my favorite picture in the entire museum was one by an artist named Aaron Young titled Freeformdome.

I can’t find really anything on this photographer.  I know, however, that I love this picture and I believe he is from New York City.  If anyone can find a print of this available for purchase, without having to take out a loan, please let me know.  I took a picture of it with our Canon SD870 IS but it certainly can’t do it justice.  The pictures upstairs at the Nerman Museum have this antiglare/UV blocking protective glass over them which makes them easy to see with the eyes but really hard to capture through a camera lens.

Hey, at least they let you take pictures of the upstairs exhibits!  Downstairs, not so much.

We got to see the really cool work of Brian Ulrich and of Richard Ross.  Ulrich’s work came mostly, if not entirely, from his thrift store series, which also includes stores such as Home Depot and Sam’s Club.  Ross’s pictures explored containment from Montessori schools to Abu Ghraib and to the United Nations.

You could not take pictures in this part… oops!

After the art we headed to the Plaza in Kansas City.  Went to the Apple Store where they did some work on my MacBook Pro, gave me a new power adapter, bought a new iPhone 3G case (the Incase Slider) and a Scosche iPhone Power Adapter.  The new case is awesome.  The best iPhone 3G case I’ve used by far.  The Scosche iPhone Power Adapter was supposed to let my iPhone 3G charge off the radio in my car like my first iPhone did.  Turns out it doesn’t work at all so I ended up returning it.

We played around the plaza for a bit, did some shopping but didn’t buy anything.  Went to Eden’s Alley for vegetarian/vegan dinner which was aaaaaaaaamazing.  Then we decided to totally glutton it up with a piece of cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory.  Crazy as it might seem, I had never had a piece of cheesecake from TCF even though I’d eaten dinner there several times!

Then a little driving around and off to home where we are now!? It was a fun little day trip.  Can’t wait to go back and do it again but stay the night so we can go and do some late night photography!? Though we might have to wait until the spring when the fountains are all going strong and it isn’t so freezing cold; though the weather was pretty fabulous for us this weekend!

2 thoughts on “Trip to the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art

  1. Freeformdome is a great photograph. I don’t have the expertise to comment on its technical aspects but the composition and subject matter are great.

  2. I’m glad you agree! I took me a while to realize that the guys are a fountain… wow, I felt dense but in the end, the beauty of the shot won out and I don’t feel so bad. I sure do wish someone could tell me how to buy a print of this!

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