Tripping Through Tulsa

I got into Tulsa pretty late in the night, or early in the morning, depends on how you look at things I guess. The next morning we dropped Gracie off at the Doggie Resort. She is apparently going to be the star dog in a commercial for this extravagant doggie daycare resort. They have individual bedrooms with webcams so you can watch your dog sleep. It is almost disgusting what they do there for your dog. Plus, my parents spend more money on our dog than me! Gracie gets $27 a day to live on… a lot more. $810 a month! That is way more than what I make a freaking semester working for MAD. Gah… She goes to the resort everyday while my parents are at work.

Picture time!

This lady bug is for you Dave. I saw it and ran for my camera. I remember when we were out and about searching for lady bugs. Guess we were not truely hunting for them, looking nevertheless. I had such a wonderful and eye-opening period with you in Columbia. Thanks for everything. I am forever in debt to you.

Ahhh, the backyard. I drew out the landscaping for our backyard, I think it looks pretty nice. They still have a few things to add in, some flowers and plants and decorative ornaments, but it is surely coming along quite nicely.

I know it is of no surprise to anyone, but Justin took pictures of some flowers. Imagine that!

This is one of my favorite pictures, look at the water dropplets. In the full sized image, you can see reflections of the garden, it is entrancing.

Again with the water dropplets. The dew was fresh yesterday morning when I took these pictures. You could not have planned it any better. I wish I had a manual focus camera of at least 6 megapixels so that you coudl really catch all of the detail. A macro-lens would be just devine for these shots. My dad promised me, again, to give me back my Nikon 8008 with my 800mm telephoto lens, my 45-80mm AF lens and my macro/fisheye lenses. Let’s see if it happens this time around haha. It is a film camera so that brings in a hurdle, costs money to make prints and get them onto my computer… We shall figure it all out though!

That picture is a fine example of why we need to raise money for Justin’s Nikon D100… I deserve a dSLR don’t I? Come on people, show me the love!

Ahh, now you can see my car, properly packed. I have the bike attached to the rear, sure hope no one gets greedy and tries to steal it… AHHHH! Once the bike was on the trunk instead of in the trunk, the passenger seat was open and the back seat was not QUITE as packed full. There is plenty of room for David now, good thing too cause I pick him up in a few days.

These pictures I took in memory of Jenny. it’s gracie!!! and at her luxurious pet resort… gag

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