Trying to be genial and incredible

instead I am mute and hysterical

oh well. life goes on. i say that a lot… contemplation incurs…

got a scary, freaking scary, call today. guy from a 1-866 number leaves me a voicemessage telling me his name and to call him. google search finds no one by his nam ein teh city he says he is from and the number does not exist. i *87 phantom ring it, he answers and wont’ tell me who he is but wants to know my name, why i am calling and where i am… i am not stupid and choose not to share that information. he says he will have to end the conversation, we do.

what the hell?

meanwhile the JC has charged me twice for my books… thanks for that.

needed to leave for class twenty minutes ago, I can still easily make it on time but always like being early.

I think I am going to burn a CD, Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway. I gave my copy to Geoff ages ago and sure have missed listening to her as I drive.

I got the new Charlotte Church – Tissues and Issues CD. I give it a C+, three stars. Kelly’s CD would have gotten a B+ to A- and 4.5 stars. Just for comparision’s sake. But remember how Justin rates music, in the scale of possibility and potential.

And with that I am outta here.

2 thoughts on “Trying to be genial and incredible

  1. it does sound like a scam, personal 866 number, knew my name and gave me a fake one, on my cellphone though? that is a little odd seeing as it is’nt really listed anywhere, of course I am sure if credit card numbers can be so easily released into the wild, so could my cellphone…

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