Twitter Shirts

twitter-shirtSo I’m going to print off some Twitter shirts for those local tweeps that want one.  Cost should be around $25 from Acme, on those really nice American Apparel t-shirts.

Each has a unique name on the front (your twitter name) and your tweetcloud on the back.

The idea came from some that @ok2baprincess and @bigred77 made for our weekly Twitter Brunch Bunch, but these will be more personal.  Can’t wait to figure out the Princess’s tweetcloud LoL!

Here’s what mine looks like, shirt color is just a guess, not sure what color I want to do, thoughts?

Click the shirt to enlarge

This is the first shirt I’ve ever designed, it was a lot of fun, more than it probably should have been…  I guess I’m officially a Twitter addict, or in some other way disabled by my love for the service. 🙂

You can download my templates to make your own by clicking the link below.

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