Twitterastic Fun Time

So I’ve been a naughty blogger.

Last week I went out with some awesome twitter friends, @ProzacGod, @ok2baprincess, @EricCox and his wife @BigRed77.  ok2baprincess brought her friend Nicole along and it didn’t take long to know that I was in great company.

We started out at the Heidelberg where we had a few drinks and dinner.  I came late so I missed happy hour and dinner.  After the Berg, as we call it out here, we headed to Top Ten Wines.

Had some great wine and cheese there, Bigred77 played around with my camera and took some pretty good pics really!  I snapped one of her too.


We had our fun and eventually parted ways.  I went off to do homework, bumped into some kids who wanted their picture taken.  They were interesting, really young to be out at like 1am but I’m not their mom and Columbia is a decently safe place.

So yeah, that was the other night.  Which night, I don’t actually quite remember haha.  But fun all and all.  Yay for Twitter uniting such different people.

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4 thoughts on “Twitterastic Fun Time

  1. Yep, it’s our own little weird?…eclectic?…effing cool COMO Twittertopia.  Now, if only I could get Nicole on there too.  Yay for Twitter yes, but hooray for David too b/c before he came along I would’ve thought meeting strangers from the internets was crazy.And good shots as always up there.

    Karens last blog post..What’s in a name?

  2. “I was naughty. I wasn’t bad. Bad is hurting people, doing evil.
    Naughty is not hurting anyone. Naughty is being amusing.” – Sydney
    Biddle BarrowsI love naughty!

    Winters last blog post..Menage a Meh

  3. I had a laugh with your happy hour and wine links.

    I was expecting something like the website of the bar or the wine store…but getting a wikipedia definition of words that surely every adult knows was a funny little trick.


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