Skyward on the Golden Gate


Rarely do you get to look straight up through the pylons in the middle of any bridge. This is especially true for the Golden Gate Bridge here in San Francisco. Between the rushing traffic and hundreds of tourists, it isn’t a good idea.

Looking up to the sky from the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Peering through the fog from the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

I lucked out the other day while driving from Wine Country with friends. We luckily got stuck in traffic for a few minutes giving me just enough time to shoot this through the sunroof.

This was perhaps the first time I felt the magic that is the Golden Gate Bridge.



I love Tumblr as much as you do but all things must come to an end. Between the servers crashing all the time and dividing my audience between two blogs, it just seemed like the right idea to fold my Tumblr into my actual blog, It’s Just Justin.

I will continue to feed links to my blog posts through here (Tumblr disabled that feature just as I was about to start using it. Another reason to leave the service, they keep taking away features!) but all future original posts will be available via my new Tumblog on my site.

Hope to see you over there!