Unsuccessful Shopping

So Ryan, Jim and I went on a shopping spree today, Sam’s Club and then the mall… I bought random things I needed at Sam’s but purchased nothing at the mall which is a bit upsetting as I really need/want some new clothes. I guess I will wait for Chicago and HM.

I have feelings for this guy right but I don’t know what to do about the feelings. I would like to exclusively date him and I am pretty positive it would be a good and healthy relationship. However, I am not positively sure I am ready for another relationship, but how else will I know unless I try?

What is your advice on the situation?

Thanks buddies

In other news, I have to be at “the set” in 43 minutes and I spent $45 on a shirt that I did not want but have to have for the shoot tonight. Maybe I can return it later haha.

Got a great email from Matt last night. He sent me pictures of everything he was seeing in Boston, sure wish I was there right now!

So Jena is not going with me to Chicago anymore, tears… Oh well, I will have a blast with Andrew.

gotta jet!

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