Upping the Ante

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I am about to get ready for breakfast with Landon. I enjoy my time with him and I feel as though I should treat each time as our last time together. Soon I will be on my way to California and he will be on his way to Italy.

Friday is Jim and Ryans monthly ritual. I am not sure if it is their sixth month together or not…

Yesterday night Jim, Dave and I watched Trick.

I really liked it, they only liked Coco Peru’s part in the movie, albiet a short part.

Dave and I later got my oil changed, took liek 10 minutes, Jiffy Lube is hella fast!

We then went Cemetery Hunting, we only made it to one cemetery but plan to hit up some more before I go.

Like I said, we planned to go to more, here is Dave planning, he was really hard at work!

It was fun. Then off to drop Trick back to Ninth Street Video and to Macoroni Grill for bread and Chicken Scallopini. They were out of bread! Instead they gave us pizza slices with nothing on it except some herbs. Sad excuse.

Dave thought it would be really cute to dump his basalmic vinegar all over the table and his plate.

It was a fun dinner.

We came back home and sat around, watched some Family Guy and played some Star Fox, I watched as he played.

We all then went to the early premier of the new series of Family Guy. It was histerical. The other show, American Dad(?) was pretty funny too.

One the way home, Jim said he wanted pancakes…

Off to Walgreens where we got syrup and chocolate milk (for Jim). I made us pancakes and then went to bed.

Well, I gotta get ready for breakfast. Ciao you guys

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  1. OMG Dave looks hella scary in the last picture! But Jim, Meghan and I are adorable! lol

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