Water or Diet Soda Only

I bought the Showtime show, Weeds, today.  I remember my first episode of this show, it was my first visit back to the Brothel.  It was a great trip, and a really bad one at the same time.  Mostly great though.  Showtime has finally gotten onto the iTunes Video bandwagon, and how happy that makes me!  Especially since Nelly McKay is featured on this show at least in the first episode…  She has a new cd out by the way.
Last night, not so happy.  After a few pictures were taken of me at Aroma’s… I realized how unhappy I was with my life at this point.  I had a really nice talk with Jennifer in my car afterwards and then headed to Mike’s where I talked to Kevin and started to pass out.  I think working so many hours yesterday finally caught up to me.

I am off now to workout.  I am stopping the no eating thing, or the eating once a day thing, and moving to something new.  I had been drinking tea in place of food, it worked pretty well but maybe that is why I fell to peices last night?

So today I bought a lean steak, rubbed some olive oil and a little sea salt on, seared it on high for a few minutes, it was fabulous and healthy (right?).  Filling for sure and cheap, steak is so cheap out here.

Still watching Weeds and gosh it is awesome.

Off to 24Hour Fitness.

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