Welcoming in the New Year

So, for the first time in my twenty two years on this earth, I had someone to kiss on New Years.  That automatically made it the best New Years to date.  I have had boyfriends for new years, girlfriends, … friends.  But not a kiss.  It was fanfabulotastic.

And to ring in the new years, as they say… I went out and took pics with my new Nikon D80.

I just started driving down Providence and ended up in McBaine Missouri.  Home of the world’s largest Burr Oak Tree.

World's Largest Burr Oak Tree

Also home of Hank and Lucy’s Tavern where I had a stunningly delicious hamburger.

Hank and Judy's Tavern Outside

Hank and Judy's Tavern Inside

Then took some pics of a water distribution system

Water Valve Macro

Rusty Pipe in Macro

Back downtown in time for the sunset and the moon.


Sunset in Columbia Missouri Powerplant


Now, time to find dinner!

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