We’re having a Seattle Tweetup!

I arrived from Texas and Orlando into San Francisco around midnight last night. Eight and a half hours later I was back at the airport but this time headed to Seattle. And this time for the sole purpose of having a great time going on adventures in the Emerald City.

The great people from the Seattle Department of Tourism and Klout have provided Ryan and I, along with Aaron and his friend, a free, all-expense trip to Seattle to explore the city and share our experiences with everyone we know. It’s called Two Days in Seattle. Ryan and I have already arrived at the Silver Cloud Hotel and Aaron is on his way!

Tomorrow night we’re hoping to get a group of people together for a meetup. Aaron’s got the details on his blog post here, but I’ll paste them below as well. Hope to see you all there!

Saturday, July 21st 7:30pm
Grim’s, Butterfly Lounge & The Woods
1512 11th Avenue, Seattle, CA 98122

We’ll also be doing dinner ahead of the meetup. If you want to join, just shoot me or Aaron a tweet and we’ll let you know where and when! Can’t wait to meet and explore your city.

You’re welcome to RSVP to the Facebook event. Follow the hashtag #2DaysinSeattle and the @2DaysinSeattle account to keep up with what we’re doing up here. Also you can follow Aaron (what you aren’t already?!) on Twitter.

7 thoughts on “We’re having a Seattle Tweetup!

  1. @justex07 hey girl hey, i am here with @Chadmmmk . We are staying with fabulous Xmas grahamcracker (Chris m) on the hill

  2. @Dragtionary @Chadmmmk awesome! I think we’re going to go out for dinner and drinks soon, join us? We’re at Silver Cloud Inn Stadium.

  3. @justex07 Thanks for the invite, but we’re already meeting friends for dinner at The Crab Pot. Have fun though!! #2daysinseattle

  4. @justex07 @LilacCityMomma I totally would, but my #2daysinSeattle isn’t until August!

  5. @miacupcake @LilacCityMomma we’ll then you’ll just have to have your own! 😀 Enjoy your #2DaysInSeattle!

  6. @justex07 Oh, my article will be for the Huffington Post. I will of course link it out once it is written. You should see our itinerary.

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