We’re having a Seattle Tweetup!

I arrived from Texas and Orlando into San Francisco around midnight last night. Eight and a half hours later I was back at the airport but this time headed to Seattle. And this time for the sole purpose of having a great time going on adventures in the Emerald City.

Klout #2daysinseattle

The great people from the Seattle Department of Tourism and Klout have provided Ryan and I, along with Aaron and his friend, a free, all-expense trip to Seattle to explore the city and share our experiences with everyone we know. It’s called Two Days in Seattle. Ryan and I have already arrived at the Silver Cloud Hotel and Aaron is on his way!

Tomorrow night we’re hoping to get a group of people together for a meetup. Aaron’s got the details on his blog post here, but I’ll paste them below as well. Hope to see you all there!

Saturday, July 21st 7:30pm
Grim’s, Butterfly Lounge & The Woods
1512 11th Avenue, Seattle, CA 98122

We’ll also be doing dinner ahead of the meetup. If you want to join, just shoot me or Aaron a tweet and we’ll let you know where and when! Can’t wait to meet and explore your city.

You’re welcome to RSVP to the Facebook event. Follow the hashtag #2DaysinSeattle and the @2DaysinSeattle account to keep up with what we’re doing up here. Also you can follow Aaron (what you aren’t already?!) on Twitter.

7 thoughts on “We’re having a Seattle Tweetup!

  1. @justex07 hey girl hey, i am here with @Chadmmmk . We are staying with fabulous Xmas grahamcracker (Chris m) on the hill

  2. @Dragtionary @Chadmmmk awesome! I think we’re going to go out for dinner and drinks soon, join us? We’re at Silver Cloud Inn Stadium.

  3. @justex07 Thanks for the invite, but we’re already meeting friends for dinner at The Crab Pot. Have fun though!! #2daysinseattle

  4. @justex07 @LilacCityMomma I totally would, but my #2daysinSeattle isn’t until August!

  5. @miacupcake @LilacCityMomma we’ll then you’ll just have to have your own! 😀 Enjoy your #2DaysInSeattle!

  6. @justex07 Oh, my article will be for the Huffington Post. I will of course link it out once it is written. You should see our itinerary.

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