What $700 a Month Gets You in NorCal

Lacey and I were doing the tips the other day, working off the clock was never more fun. We got really into it, turned tips into a game, things got a little crazy and let’s just say… we rocked the boat, and when the boat is a’rockin, don’t come a’knockin… haha

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The money scale apparently had a little too much of us… Oops!

In other Starbucks funniness, I went to Kayla’s Starbucks in Healdsburg to hang with her for a bit, get out of the rainy Santa Rosa and maybe get some lunch. While the last part never happened, I did have a fun time visiting her. Apparently their Reduced Fat Blueberry Coffee Cake has some real personality.

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Poor guy looks sad! LMAO! How crazy looking is that? We should sell it on eBay.

The backside was as interesting, he looks really confused, what do you think?


Reminds me of the Hunchback of Notredam…

Kayla visited me tonight, we watched an episode of The Office and chitchatted. It was fun, as always. I bought a desk today and put it together, it was cheap and easy fun. So, you wanna see what I pay around $700 a month for?



Of course, I have my own bathroom and a living room and kitchen that I share with Mark (my roommate)… never-the-less, how crazy is it that this room and common area costs so much? And how different is this? I had this fabulous bed and furniture at my place in Columbia here… a futon. A nice futon, uncomfortable but nice to look at. Hence another reason I want to move back to the Brothel. Unless I can get a raise hehe and this house I found right down the street from work! How sexy is that?

Oh! I am off to Starbucks training next week! I’m super excited. Thanks Sean!!!

I really should find my digital camera… it is lost somewhere in the disaster that is my trunk.

Good luck to Lisa, my brother’s girlfriend. Feel better! Miss you! Muah!!

Hoodwinked Ticket Stub

Ugh, the hauntings of a bad movie… I want to see a good movie again, last good movie was Brokeback Mountain with Ryan. That was a good night…

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