What a Night

Holy crap today was busy. I got my car inspected, woot I passed, and next is new license tags. I did a bunch of work for my grandmother and finished my packet for the department chairs at Mizzou. I need to get it mailed off pretty soon now.

Melissa and Jeanne (did I spell it correctly? probably not haha) joined my grandmother, grandfather, mom, dad, family friend and I for dinner at La Vista. It was really good and fun. My family had a bit too much to drink but what can you do…

The three of us left dinner early to get ice cream from Stucchi’s, which was like “our” ice cream place. Sadly it has shut down! Gah!

Never fear, we went to Ben and Jerry’s and all had some Half Baked, it was delicious!

We had some fun conversation and then parted. I really love these girls. It feels so comforting to hug them, especially melissa. I wish they lived in Columbia or California. They promised to forever visit me on Labor Day, no matter where I live. I will hold them to it!

Well, time to get some sleep. I am going to have a long, picture filled, day tomorrow.

Love to you.

(p.s., i find it hilarious, someone’s post today up and then gone. it was really cute. glad i got to read it and comment hehe, i love you! muah! smile you silly thing!)

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