What Do You Do?

When you realize your best friend is an alien?

Meh, anyways, Dad is in town visiting, dropping off my old car for me. Really miss him, sure wish my family lived closer to me without me moving away haha.

Been missing Seth a lot and at the same time…

Why do I get so nervous when my dad says the word “lifestyle”?

Stat class project… not getting done. I have done way more than my part, why won’t they do anything to help?

Really enjoying the time with my dad, too bad he is only here for so short a period of time… We could get so much done if he could stay a while more.

Sleepy and stressing.

Oh yeah, and don’t even get me started on this one but

I will not be able to come to Columbia because of people I work with not doing their jobs taking away my approved vacation

Really sad, really, really missing some people. I will cry whenever I do get to see them, it might be my last trip as chances are now, never moving back to Columbia.

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