What Does This Even Mean?

Go to Hitt Street Parking garage and take a look at the sign above the parking pass machines.


Focus on the last three lines, and then the top two of the three.

“Coin Only Until ID Card”

What exactly does this mean? Coin only? Well, yes you can pay with US minted coins, from nickels to quarters, maybe even gold dollars. That part isn’t really hard to get. I could live with “Coin Only”… except that you can use your student ID card. It does acknowledge that… but why “Until ID Card”. Shouldn’t say, “or ID Card”? The use of “until” implies that you can use coins “until” you have an ID card… or you can use coins “until” it has had too many coins?… yeeesh!

Ok, next line.

“System Operational: Approx 3-99”

Well, this could mean many things. It could mean that there are anywhere between 3 and 99 systems that distribute the parking passes. But why would you need to know that? It could mean that they are functional 0.03003~% of the time. This sounds more like it. Of the nine machines (that I have seen) that we have in that parking garage, only about four of them work at any given time, 5 are permentantly broken (haven’t worked since I started parking in there). Course, operational only .03% of the time would be ridiculous, even for Mizzou standards. Does it mean it was initiated March of 1999? All of my searching finds that construction on the Hitt Street garage started late 1996 and cost $12,000,000.

I don’t know, it all makes no sense to me.

4 thoughts on “What Does This Even Mean?

  1. Hmm… perhaps if you read it all together it will make more sense:

    Coin only until ID Card System Operational March 99.

    They implemented the card system in March of 99.

    Seems they could afford to change the sign nearly 10 years later….

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