What Should Be, Isn’t

Ok, so first off, what is wrong with the above sentence?

Now, I must say why it isn’t.

I should be sleeping right now, since I am opening Starbucks in like four hours.  However, I feel I must rant for a bit.

I’m in love with my friends.  For the first time in weeks, I have been able to hang out with my friends.  Kevin, Ian, Jenny, Will, Justin (not this Justin), Landon, Megan and the like.

I have come to realize just how important friends are, not just knowing that you have them, but sharing yourself with them.  I have been so caught up with school and work that I have not had the time to share myself with my friends.  We have not gone out to eat, gone to the clubs, had lunch, taken a camping trip, worked out; anything.

This weekend, the one that has me exhilarated with the visit of my grandmother, I went to Libby’s birthday party.  There I hung out with Kevin and Will and Libby and David (!yay!) and many others, Justin too!  A few of us went to Addisson’s to meet Rosa and Ian.  Had a fabulous time.

My grandmother and I have not had a ton of time together, what with work and all, but it doesn’t matter.  She is amazing and I’m very glad she is in town to visit.

I bumped into Geoff on campus and had a quick hug, really made the day better.  Amazing what a friend’s touch can do for you when you are stressed.  Bumped into Mark downtown, he was doing some campaigning for the Twilight Festival, what a great guy.

I love who I work with at Starbucks.  While the job has be incredibly stressed right now, the people have nothing to do with it.  I absolutely love them.

Funny thing, just got off the phone with my brother.  We grow closer each year.  I’m very luck to have the family that I have.  They are loving, forgiving, understanding and trusting; among other such things.

Going to fall asleep listening to various Bright Eyes albums, yay to that.

In love with life.  Single but making it work.

Kiss the rain
Whenever you need me
Kiss the rain
Whenever Im gone too long
If your lips feel lonely and thirsty
Kiss the rain
And wait for the dawn
Keep in mind
Were under the same sky
And the nights
As empty for me as for you
If you feel
You cant wait till morning
Kiss the rain

I made it into the a capella group, yay!

Tonight Ian and I worked out, watched the end of National Treasure and had an overall wonderful time together.  I just love him.  Not many people in the world can compete with the completeness that Ian brings to my and other’s life.

And for the first time, ever, shout out to Matt No-Sko.  You work the shizbizzle.

Bet you thought this was going to be a negative rant…

Goodnight all.

2 thoughts on “What Should Be, Isn’t

  1. I loved seeing you last night and hanging out with you tonight. ANd I only look forward to seeing you more this semester.

  2. I love Ian too! We should all hang out when we are not super busy? Are you going to be at Speaker’s Circle today? check you later~


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