When You Pay a Premium…

We all should know by now that I am kinda an audio freak. I have 100’s of gigabytes of media in my iTunes library, twenty-nine gigabytes were purchased in the last three months alone!

We also likely all know about my speakers, headphones, amps and players. I have $450 headphones, a pair of $300 headphones, a dying set of $20o headphones, three pair that cost about $50 and a slew of cheapies from all the iPods (six?) that I have purchased.

Well, my favorite headphones, my Ultimate Ears ifi 5pros (the $300 headphones) have died, again. The headphone speakers themselves are just fine, it is the cable that provides them the power that keeps fucking up. UE’s has replaced the cable two… three times? I had the newest version which was much improved over the old versions.

However, this morning, on powering up my iPod, I noticed the left channel was completely dead. Fiddling with the cable brought it back. I followed the cable to the short, exactly where I found it the first time I had this problem.

I emailed Ultimate Ears and hopefully we can get something worked out, new cables, better cables, their professional line perhaps.

Meanwhile, I ask the question. When you pay a premium price for high quality products, shouldn’t the quality last beyond the initial use? I bought some $60 Sennheiser PX100 headphones just a few minutes ago. They remind me of my Koss PortaPro’s, amazing cans those are. I could use a little more lower end and volume with these headphones that the PortaPros provided, and the UE ifi 5pros displayed.

In time, I plan to upgrade from my UE ifi 5pros to the new UE ifi 10Ultra. The sound quality of these headphones is good enough that even though I have had such trouble with the cheapest part of the product, I would go back and buy something even more expensive. Does that make me ridiculous?

Well, time to walk to class. Finished my paper last night at 1:45 after about one hour of actual writing. If I could just figure out how to get started on these projects, I feel that I could have HOURS more time to enjoy life haha.

Maybe the true moral of the story is this.  My Koss PortaPro’s cost me $35 (retail around $50) and never failed me until I sat on them and broke the headpeices.  Sound quality wise though, still there.  Cost maybe doesn’t even matter in this equation.  Oh well.  Actually thinking about liquidating all my extra things like these headphones and keeping only the things I really need.  Wow! haha, what a concept.

My closet needs cleaning out too.  I would guess that 60% of the clothes (or greater) I don’t even wear.  Too old, too big… too… last season?

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