I’m all over iTunes, since the AppleTV my iTunes spending has been out of order… But I don’t pay a cable bill so it’s actually just about right and I get to keep the shows forever and watch them nearly anywhere.

So when a new show on ABC came out, I was all about getting the pilot episode.  They typically are good about their one hour shows.  The show is called Eli Stone and I really liked it.  Of course… I also really liked The Bucket List.  A lot.

Then I got to thinking, mind you I didn’t have to think too hard about this one… These two productions sure do seem similar.

  1. They are based around a character who spends a good deal of time in front of a court.
  2. Eli Stone is bisyllabic and then monosylabic as is Edward Cole
  3. Main characters names both start with E’s
  4. Both main characters are wealthy
  5. The both have brain phenomena (not the good kind)
  6. They are both dying (spoiler)
  7. They are both on a voyage to find themselves
  8. They both climb a fucking freezing mountain
  9. The Kicker?  They both carry someone’s ashes to the top of that fucking freezing mountain in a can of Chock Full o’Nuts Coffee can

It’s really quite ridiculous how similar they are, I could go one but I’ll be late for work if I do.

Don’t let this discount the tv show, it is pretty great.  I got all teary eyed all over again, it’s like watching the movie (The Bucket List) but without the theater, expensive tickets and jerks in the back kicking your seat.

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