Why Am I So Funny?

As quoted through AIM with Carrie

conversation 1: “if my son was barking like a seal, i would leave at least 16 minutes early”

conversation 2: “i’ve basically had unprotected sex with google i’ve been in bed with them so long, i just have to trust them at this point :-)”

conversation 5 with a professor (wasn’t me!): “it’s not like they are throwing a dental dam in your face and telling you to try out the buffet”

Is it ok for me to quote someone else quoting me?  (I especially am proud of the last one)

2 thoughts on “Why Am I So Funny?

  1. so i left you a comment and it disappeared… what’s up with that? did you delete me? 🙂

    anyway, i don’t know why you are so funny but you certainly were very entertaining today, which i totally needed. you’re at least justin 3.95 now…

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