Wii Want to Keep You

So a couple of days ago I went on a midnight Wal-Mart run for, of all things, potting soil for our garden.  I just happened to walk by the electronics department and lo and behold, what sits before me?  Two Nintendo Wiis!  This is pretty amazing considering that the average time a  Nintento Wii lasts on the shelf is only one hour.

Ten minutes later it was mine and the second one?  Sold to girl who was equally surprised to see one actually available to be purchased.


I got an extra controller, nuchuk, Super Maria Galaxy, WiiPlay and went home to set it all up.  Takes only a couple of minutes, three cables, that’s it!

And after one hour of play time, one hella fun hour of play the Wii, I was wondering… Do I really want to keep this thing?  I’m going to let Ryan make that decision.  I hate to spend $398 on something I don’t need when there are things like lenses that I want more and possibly even really need.

What do you think?  Keep the Wii or be half way to the one of the lenses I want?


9 thoughts on “Wii Want to Keep You

  1. I just bought one and I am enjoying it. Dude you need to have fun. I learned that the hard way. Not everything has to be needed. At least once a year spend on something you want that you will see the next day.

  2. definitely keep it, mario kart just came out, and its a sweet game. the only thing that sucks is its not a blu ray player haha

  3. Oh… you will get tired with the Wii just as I did with my original gameboy. (I could have had the black and white one that didn’t disappear in sunlight, but did I really need that…?! hell no..!)

    *shakes Justin by the collar*

  4. I played tennis on the Wii for about 45 minutes today. 45 minutes that I probably should have been playing tennis outside. Hmmmm

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