Wishing You Were Somehow Near

Josh Groban – Josh Groban – Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring is now officially one of the greatest songs ever. Listen to it. It will be posted on this journal tonight, it is worth a listen, listen. Most all Josh Groban is worth a listen, infact, most Josh Groban is worth buying. Hell, everything I post on my journal, every song, is worth buying. Seriously, if Justin says it is worth buying, it is worth buying. I totally need to be a consumer trend scientist. I know a hit dead on when I hear, see, touch, taste and/or smell it.

I don’t know why God gave me that gift, I am glad he did.

I can tell how a product will perform simply by touching it, even by just looking at it. Test me some time.

We are flying over what I presume is Columbia. It totally is.

I broke the little tab on my laptop that tells the computer the screen is down. That makes me sad. I wonder if Dell will give me a cheap replacement, it is just a tiny peice of plastic. It is frightening how easily it broke.

Beautiful sunset, I took a picture of it but I am not sure how it came out. My battery on my camera is getting low and rightfully so… I took like 100+ pictures with it today. Some that I thought were really cool turned out to not come out as I had planned. Oh well, who cares.

My eyes are killing me, my neck is killing me and my head is killing me as I sit on the plane for the remaining twenty or thirty minutes.

I am so tired but I am still driving myself home, I don’t want people to have to drive and get me just because I am tired or sick or both. That is just silly.

Oh, completely random but Advocate has an article in it about Rufus Wainwright. Turns out the reason he is always with Sean Lennon recently is… well he lives with Sean Lennon (John Lennon’s son of course). In addition, Elton John had a crush on Rufus’ dad and that is why they are such good friends. The way he describes Elton John makes me feel like Elton is watching out over me too. Elton John rocks hard.

I can see I-70, I dread driving that tonight. Such a long, boring road. Plus my voice is totally shot, my singing voice at least. I will be unable to sing myself home, instead I will just be listening. How shitty is that?

I guess if you don’t really sing, you would not notice but I sing constantly, at least so when I am alone. These days I have even opened up to sing in front of complete strangers, see posts from NACA. 😉

I am rating all of my Josh Groban. He deserve it. I am also finding some songs I never really knew he sang. One such song is You’re Still You, one of my favorite songs, one of those favorites that you never remember until you hear it again. Otherwise it is totally off of your radar.

It is just about that time again so I have to go. I love you.

Josh Groban – Josh Groban – Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring

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