With Just a SLVR of Dignity

A few weeks ago I bought a Starbucks Barista Espresso Machine. Sadly, the $300 dollar machine was a dud. I returned the dead beauty and headed to Cingular for a new cellphone instead. I picked up the SLVR.DSCN1073

It is an ok device, nothing super special, sadly. I was hoping for a phone that took great pictures, played music, had removable memory cards, java, internet and EDGE functionality, great screen and intuitive interface.

I then realized that I had all of that in my Sony Ericsson 710a. Oops. My SE s710a has a 2.3″ high resolution screen, 1.3 megapixel camera, EDGE, java, and plays MP3’s and other media formats. Oh yeah and has a 128mb memory card.

DSCN1070  Well, the SLVR is about 1/3 the thickness and even though the camera is about 1/2 as good, it does the job plus the phone looks really pretty.

The batter life is not what I had expected either, however. My SE s710a gets me a good deal more battery life, even though it sports a larger brighter screen, louder speakerphone, and has hell of a camera and ccd.

I really have more complaints that I would like to admit about this phone.  The beautiful keypad is scratched, a spare key in my pocket ripped into the “5” and “8” pads, bah!  Also, the high gloss finish shows finger prints pretty badly.  The screen is hard to view in bright day light, unlike my old phone.

But overall, I love the phone.  Amazing phone call quality, so good I often think the call has dropped.  The syncronization software is fantastic and its IMAP functions actually work.  There are tons of options and a dizzying maze to figuring them out.


Over all I must like it enough to keep, so far I have not returned it with only a week left before that option escapes me.  Luckily I didn’t have to pay the $400 it would normally cost, Starbucks employees get a pretty sweet discount at Cingular for new equiptment.

My Mike has the same phone, so does Jeffery E, so you know it must be cool eh?

Selling feature?  Besides the sexy looks, iTunes.  I almost forgot to tell you the best part, it syncs with iTunes, allowing seven hours of music (100 tracks).  I am in love, right there.

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