Woe is Me

I have Acacia ritual practice in two hours. My eyes ache and my mind is sore. I need sleep but at this point I cannot get it. I cannot take any more sleeping aides until I get back from ritual practice. I really want to take something for this headache I have had for about 4 days, it has grown into more of a migraine, each day it gets worse. I just need an overhaul… wonder if Wal-Mart does those for people?

Crazy how no sleep can make you… crazy.

Last night was a blast though. Headache or not, tired or awake, stressed or chill, last night was really fun.

There was a fella there from Texas too. He is sorta-kinda dating Kevin… if they could make babies, what a baby it would be! He is just one of the most attractive guys I have ever seen and I don’t mean just phsycially. He is funny, socioable but most importantly a Texan. haha

I applied for a job yesterday, let’s hope it works out! I could really use a good job right now. Something away from campus and reliable.

The new room layout has proven to be a great idea. The room seems to flow, something the old format never did. I would like to get it cleaned up however. I have so much stuff to still put away, but honestly… I could probably get it done in an hour if I only had someone to talk to while I did it.

oh, I took this picture because I know the guy in the picture I took the picture of… but mostly because there is something funny going on in the picture that I hope Jim will pick out.

Well, I guess I should try and get thirty minutes more sleep. We all know that won’t happen but we can try can’t we?

I miss sleep……

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  1. I will help you with your room whenever you need me! Your room looks great as well!

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