Wonderful Times

The other day I had a fantastic evening with Geoffrey. Gave him a tour of my place, whoop… Then we tried to get coffee at It’s a Grind, no go. Apparently it closes at 10:00 haha.

We headed over to Ski High Bar and Grill for martinis. They were… strong. I mean, really strong haha. We had one martini each and really, that was enough. The conversation was awesome, really the first time we sat down and talked when we weren’t just talking about Manchester or San Francisco. It was nice to have a conversation where we talk about the present and future. Good times. Had some great laughs for sure!

Last night I had dinner at Addison’s with Bethany. We did the happy hour thing, talked and had a grand ol’ time. I guess we talked for like two hours, really could not have had a better evening. She is a wonderful Texan!

All this talking as of recent has had me thinking about Seth and how much I have been missing him. I guess I miss him as in the idea of him…

Vittorio Grigolo PortraitI believe Nosko is going to join me tonight, no plans yet but I am sure we will have fun.

I have never really gotten to hang out with him. I’m pretty excited! haha I think we are going to exchange some opera which is always exciting for me. I have this new opera cd from Vittorio Grigolo.

I was pretty sure Josh Groban had my heart for the longest time. However, sorry Joshiepoo, you have some serious competition.

Vittorio is gorgeous, his voice is beautiful and the songs he chose are fantastic. I mean, Keane’s Bedshaped in Italian… Italian opera?! Incredible. He even picks up Daniel Bedingfield’s If You’re Not the One… Of course, much of the album, In the Hands of Love, is in Italian. The first song, Tu Sei is stunning. I present it here.


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  1. Justin — Thanks for introducing us to Vittorio. I’m always looking for something new to listen to, but the artist has to be very good. Is that him (he) in the photo? Why are you letting him wander around in crummy falling-apart old houses? You need to invite him to your place for the weekend (and invite me to the intimate dinner party you’ll host in his honor). … I enjoy your blog. Keep on writing! — dpv

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