Work It Out

I got my bike back today, the first time it has been working in a year.  As usual, Cyclex gave me a great deal, $55 worth of work for $38.  They always do that kind of stuff for me.

Afterwards, I hung out at Starbucks, did some work on my computer and chitchatted for a few.  I met up with Kevin and we went to the mall and shopped, shopped, shopped!  I got some workout shorts, a messenger bag, a hoodie, some rum and tequila, some novelty and a Rockstar!  haha.

As usual, we had a good time, then headed to the rec center.  It was my first workout in a long time so we took it easy.  Only 200 calories (in 30 minutes) on the eliptical, going to work back up to my 1200 cal in an hour… yikes!  I did abs, arms, gluts and chest.  The oblique machine was bizarre.  Either I don’t know how to use it properly, or it was poorly designed.  It kept ripping into my back, digging and hurting!

Never-the-less, the gym facilities are incredible.  The entire time I was there, I kept thinking about how Jennifer and Callie would love it.  Callie would probably go crazy in there.  Pics!

This is the cardio room


Here is the locker room, yes, that’s the locker room!  I’m a member of the Rothwell Club.  I have not used it yet but am ready to haha.


This is the lounging pool room, there is a beach outside and a HUGE assortment of lap pools.

Super Bowl Watch Party (2-5-06) [_MG_8582.JPG] 002

Finally, one of two (or three?) drink bars.  Smoothies, energy drinks, water, the works!


I almost forgot how amazing it was to go to a rich school, albiet an expensive one…  I love mizzou!!! Callie, MOVE HERE!!!!!!!!!

Time to get cleaned up for SoCo, first time in forever.

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