Work = Lively as Garold Ford


A combination of winter break and an ice storm made work about two steps from hell. It was completely dead! I think we had nine people in a four hour period. Luckily I was working with Shannon, we made the time pass. I made some really fun, delicious and beautiful drinks.


This is a pretty good representation of our morning… Look at all of the customers!

DSC_1457.JPGMy favorite drink made today was this guy.


It is a geometric flower with butterflies. I’m thinking of some other really cool ideas right now… yummmm!

And speaking of delicious, I should do the food photography for Starbucks. I sure made this look delicious!

Starbucks Cranberry Orange Bar


And, even though I was released from work duties about an hour early, I waited to drive Shannon home. What a nice guy I am!

Look at this ice! How cool is that? I’m telling you, the ice this time around is craziness!



After that one, and before this one, I totally wiped out. The Styrofoam snow ice… snice? became a slip and slide. I managed to save the camera, though I’m pretty sure I broke my ass.


Our fabulous pool is once again, a skating rink. Or a giant frozen amoeba.


This little tree reminded me of Charlie Brown.



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