Worth Noting (new posts below this one)

A few new things are being added to my blog, the most important to you guys is the user-level post privacy. In order to read some posts, you will have to be a registered reader of my blog. Click here to register. If you have already registered, your user-level has been set, just log into my blog to catch the protected posts.

I am also implementing “sticky” posts like this one that will sit at the top of the page. Makes for good notices and what not.


My blog is officially best viewed with SongBird. It is a browser/media center based off the Mozilla/Firefox code. If you load up my journal in this program, any music files placed in the posts, even hidden music, will become playable as an automatically created playlist!

It is an awesome program, still young but really cool. Works especially well on blogs like Stereo Gum. Stereo Gum is the top music blog on the net and often hosts a good playlist of music in its posts that SongBird just eats up. It’s fabulous!

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