Would you like Whipped Cream with that?

Yay for Starbucks

I have joined the Fortune500 Club (alas, not the 700Club).

Tammy Faye is Crazy on the 700Club

I was offered a job to work at a brand new Starbucks today. It is not even finished being built. I am so excited! I know it is not the crappy job I was hoping for, but it is close enough to it with free frappuccinos.

Pending me passing a drug test and background check, I start next week.

Actually nervous on both accounts… I am not sure why haha. I don’t do drugs and I have never been convicted of all my crimes, hehe. I have been especially kind to my body and to all of the bodies around me, just to be safe. Karma ya know?

I am posting two songs from Kelly Osbourne’s new cd. One is about being raped. Talk about revenge. Loved it. The second is the remix of her single One Word.

Another song you should check out is Do You Right from Kyle Riabko. It is a great little bit.

One Word (Chris Cox Remix)

Don’t Touch me While I’m Sleeping

Alanis, hot as Ever!And in speaking of music and Starbucks, I am off in search of a Starbucks selling Alanis Morissette’s new acoustic version of Jagged Little Pill which came out today, ten years after her breakthrough original JLP cd. I have heard a few tracks from this cd and cannot stand the drive time it will take to find it. Maverick plans to release the cd to more merchants later one. This is the first time an artist has signed an exclusive contract with Starbucks for the release of an entire cd. This action has upset many vendors. Lick me! haha

Well I guess I should head out, get the CD and work on my daily workout routine. Only a few ounces left of green tea (green tea of jasmine and peach, oh so delish!).

Love you all. Keep on smiling! It’s a beautiful day to be alive.

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