Wow, Stetson!

Ok, so in junior high and high school I had this huge crush on this guy named Stetson who was gay right? But because I was afraid to let people know I was gay, I never told him how I felt, I was actually just kinda mean to him, of course he was mean back to me. It was this painful struggle because what I really wanted was right in front of me and because I was too afraid to be myself, I did everything to distance myself from him.

Well I found him on myspace tonight and it brought back all of those memories. Oh stetson, if I could change one thing, it would probably be telling you how I felt about you. Imagine how both of our lives would have changed knowing we had a friend just like the other? I’m sorry.


One thought on “Wow, Stetson!

  1. Cheers to finding people on myspace from the past. I have had my share of finding and having people find me.

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