Yay! My First Plane Ticket!

I bought my first plane ticket today.  I have flown on planes hundreds of times, but I have never purchased the ticket myself.  Well, tonight I did, and I got a great deal!

Trip info to DC!!!

For springbreak I am going to be heading to Washington DC to visit Landon.  I miss him big time and really just can’t wait to get out there!  Plus, imagine all of the awesome pictures I will be able to take out there.

I haven’t been to Washington DC in years, not since my aunt and uncle lived out there.  It will be a super fun time for sure.

3 thoughts on “Yay! My First Plane Ticket!

  1. I love Midwest!! Everytime I fly with them I get a free ticket because they like to give round trip tickets out when you take a later flight. So if they ask you to take later flight do it! You can get another flight for free!! Woo Hoo P.S. You get warm chocolate chip cookies and milk on each flight and it is all business class. Loves it~

    Tell Landon i said hi and enjoy the concert!

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