Yeah, I’ll Update

As Carrie so kindly noted, I have been pretty bad about updating the blog this week.  I would like to say that I have been really busy with wonderful, fun things but honestly, I’ve just been in one of my funks.

The Megaplex people loved the site design and now want postcard fliers, business cards and posters.  I’m excited for the work and the people there are really fantastic.  Thanks for all of the help choosing the new design, critiquing and just being there for me.  It was the first design like that I had done, ever.  And with the reaction I got and the fact that even I like it (I’m my toughest critic… trust me) makes me even more anxious about getting out into the world, graduate and get a great job doing something like this.

I really want to explore design, photography and just overall creativity more than I currently do.  But this requires time and money, both of which seem to work against each other.  The more time you have, the less money, the more money, the less time.  I guess that’s what comes from an hourly job.  I’m not making enough money at Starbucks these days and am investigating more work like Megaplex and maybe doing landscaping.

The past few weeks have been weird for me, physically and emotionally.

Physically, I have gone down a size.  I now wear 30″ waist pants (used to be 32 or 33) and small shirts (used to be medium) but the past few days I have been feeling really fat, really just funky.  I’ve been eating my diet of egg beaters, fruit and chicken but a few days I splurged on the kids menu at Moe’s.  I’m eating there with Carrie on Thursday, but I am promising myself right now, only a salad, none of their fucking amazing queso.

Emotionally?  Well, first off it is weird not to be able to really talk about the Megaplex job to my family.  I typically talk to them several times a day and they know everything going on in my life that isn’t gay.  I just don’t like to talk about my boy troubles and stuff to them, puts them in an uncomfortable place, though it might not really be fair to me…   Talking about doing a website for a gay bathhouse would definitely not be a comfortable talk with them.  They love that I have gotten the job and done such a good job.  They want to see the fliers and the posters I have designed but I just cannot let them see them.  How it would make things awkward…

I know they can get to this blog, anyone can, and I know they have been here before.  They claim they have never been here, that they don’t even know about it.  But I have checked IP’s, histories, etc.  It has been visited from Tulsa and from Horseshoe Bay and several other random places my family just happens to be at any given moment.  It doesn’t bother me at all that they read this, I like that actually.  I just wish they would, you would, be honest with me about it.  Know that me doing a job for a gay bathhouse does not make me a trashy person, work is work and when you need money, who cares how you get it as long as it doesn’t hurt you or anyone else.

Some people have looked down on me doing the site for Megaplex, meanwhile they are buying porn and adult items from time to time or doing whatever others might consider weird/different/wrong.  Don’t judge me please and don’t form opinions about a place without knowing the full story (it’s actually a really nice place run by fantastic people).

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  1. no judgment here. i think you did a great job on it and should be proud of your work, your talent, and who you are.

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