Yes, Alanis!

So as I write this, Alanis is rocking it out in my car outside Wolf’s Coffee. I am ripping the cd right now, I plan to post a song from the cd as soon as I can. Not sure which one I will put up though!

The sound quality on this CD is superb. Acoustic cd’s are always so fun. The lack of extra instrumentations and backup vocals allows the accompianment (ahem, the listener) to allow for his or her own interpretations of showcasing the song. If this does nto make sense, sing along and notice how you hold notes longer or add fluctuations, verbratto, stacatto, you know the drill. It is like your own little remake of the song, but a side track to keep you in line and on key.

Well, I guess I’m off to Gold’s. I am going to put the cd onto my Shuffle so I can listen to it while I workout.

Catch you later.

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