Yesterday as Today will Tomorrow

I would love to say that I got pictures of the truck just outside of my neighborhood at a 45 degree angle with an enbankment, or a shot of the hit and run of a baseball bat (presumably) to the window of a BMW. I would even like to say I had pictures of the really hot guy on the Stairmaster Guantlet.

Alas, I forgot the battery for my camera, left it on the couch, and thus missed my chances of getting these pictures.

Never the one to dwell, a squatter if you will, I shall digress… …

Left my humble, quite, abode for the mall. I needed a trim, not a hair cut but a trim. I got a hair cut. Grrr. I also applied for a job at Cingular and a callback from Target.

Head the wails of the redheaded one. Powerful.

I am supposed to start classes tomorrow, only problem? I am not enrolled in any! Damn transcript.

After the haircut I headed to Gold’s Gym. I worked out for about a buck fifteen, showered up and went to Aroma’s. It was packed… but they still decided to close the room I was in. I got online, found the times for Mr and Mrs Smith, im’d a guy and before I knew my purpose in the universe, I was at his house picking him up for a movie!

Six of one, half a dozen of the other, you know what I mean?

The movie was GREAT. It has terrible reviews, however, ignore them. There is a good bit of wit, perfect acting and excellent infusion of observations made by anyone who has witnessed two married people. I laughed my ass off, well the Stairmaster Gauntlet helped… The actions scenes were fantastic. I drove home a bit wreckless and quite swiftly… ahh the influence of violence in movies haha.

This is a movie I think Geoff would like, you should go check it out!

I read more about Secretary. I am going to buy/rent it. Understanding now that it was exactly what I was claiming it to be, makes me want to see it fully. How queer… Seriously though, i think it might just be one of those great movies no one ever sees.

(Another one you would like… watch and, well you will know right away haha)

Talked to Jim tonight on the tele, good times. Alas, I must get some boredom. Interview, class, meeting and calls tomorrow.

Love you all!

iPod Shuffle for life!

One thought on “Yesterday as Today will Tomorrow

  1. I am wishing please to be hearing more about the man you had been previously meeting. 😉

    (I’m in a oddball mood, sorry… still trying to download ‘grin and bear it’… cant find hooked bear at all though. keep your damn pinky! Keep it!)

    William John.

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