Yesterday Was Veterans’ Day

Yesterday was Veterans day.


No one in my immediate family ever faught in a war.  We are so new to this country, we haven’t had that experience.  I have had distant cousins who have served, I think… But I can’t name a single person.

That’s weird to me.

3 thoughts on “Yesterday Was Veterans’ Day

  1. That is a marvelous photo.

    One of my great grandfathers served in the Spanish American war, a grandfather served in WWI, my father served in WWII, all honorably; only by the blessings of the draft lottery was I exempted from Vietnam. None the less, igonoring my own absence from war, my heart soars when I see the flag flying in the wind; I get a tear in my eye when I hear the star spangled banner. Lest I appear a slacker, I did serve my country as a federal civil servant striving to make the USA a better place.

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