You Are a Terrorist

Knowing that these sort of people are in the world make me fear walking out the door.

Of course, after they day I had today… Knowing I haven’t gone this crazy was about the only thing to make me smile.

Furthermore, I’m pretty sure Kanye West is about 90% of the way to this level of crazy.  Seriously, his antics on the MTV VMAs were pretty horrendous.

What a crazy day tomorrow, time to get some sleep.  Enjoy the audio on the right, turn down the speakers, sit back and enjoy some crazy bitch yelling at a, really nice, telemarketer.  Hilarity.


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6 thoughts on “You Are a Terrorist

  1. I… um… what on earth was that? Props to Telemarketer Alex for not 1) hanging up, 2) going off on that crazy meshugana woman. She needs some professional help and fast.

    I don't think Kanye is 90% to this point. Maybe 75%. He's got a ways to go until he starts yelling incoherently at strangers. Maybe next year's VMAs? One can only hope.

  2. Lord! What a charming lady. She's very assertive… 🙂

    And him, with his dulcet tones and pleasant, refreshing manner — makes ME SO GODAMNED SICK!


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