You’ll Actually Like This Version

Beyonce has taken the world by storm, again… Not surprising, she makes some incredibly catchy songs, whether we like them or not.

Thanks to @ToriBlaine for finding this video and posting it to her Facebook stream.

Pomplamoose doing Beyonce’s All the Single Ladies in such a way that even @Clettenberg might like it.  Maybe…

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2 thoughts on “You’ll Actually Like This Version

  1. Well you know how I love Beyonce. 🙂

    I really like their vibe, though, thanks for posting! I was thinking to myself that the girl reminded me a little of Julia Nunes and then I checked out their YouTube and apparently they're friends/collaborators with Julia, so that was interesting.

    P.S. I want her hair. 😉

  2. haha yes, I too am a big Beyonce fan, actually got to meet her!

    People that are creative like this totally amaze and intrigue me. Oh to have that kind of talent!

    Thanks for the comment 😀

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