You’re Frozen, When Your Door Won’t Open

Silly me.

I was so tired of seeing my car a total mess with all the salt, snow, slush, ice, ash, dirt and gunk flying around this time of the year; a car can get pretty nasty looking.

Last night I broke down and decided to get my car washed, at 10:45 in the night.  I got to the Tiger Wash Plaza, the nicest self/auto car wash facility I have ever patronized, put in my credit card for the Tiger Gold wash.  It does the works, underbody wash, double panel wash, tri-foam soak, high pressure wash, higher pressure rinse, wax mist and spot free rinse with a nice little hot air dry.

Car looked great, especially considering the way it had looked just minutes before.  My gold-hinted silver car looked gun metal gray drenched in black leopard spots.  Yuck!

All was well until this morning.  I tried putting my key into the keyhole, it wouldn’t go.  After some jamming and jiggling, I got it in there, but turning was not going to happen.  I just knew that one of the people I had towed out of my parking spot in the days before had super glued my locks.

I managed to get over by unlocking the passenger door, which took some work and still didn’t open after being unlocked.  However, the back passenger door opened with a little effort.  I climbed across the seats, wow, I need to clean that thing up a bit huh… and made it to the driver’s seat.

I still could not even manually unlock the car from inside, I could not open the door at all which brought me to thinking… washing your car in 34*F weather, followed by an 18*F night and a 21*F morning, not the best idea.

By the time I got to campus my car was nearly out of gas, just beginning to get warm and the front driver’s door was finally coaxed open.

I want a new car.

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