ZAGG invisibleSHIELD EXTREME Seems Impossible

Some time ago I wrote a favorable review of the ZAGG invisibleSHIELD (for now on called Zagg Invisible Shield, oiy product names these days). It did exactly what it promised, came with a first class warranty and didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Applying it to your device could prove a little difficult but with some practice I’ve become a total pro.

Now Zagg has a new product out and I’m not so sure about it…

Introducing the invisibleSHIELD® EXTREME, a patented award winning, protective film for gadgets. Delivering the same premium quality as the original invisibleSHIELD, this exceptionally tough, and virtually indestructible film features a new shock resistant layer that preserves touchscreen clarity and functions.

So now that we’ve all watched that video, let’s discuss. This simply cannot be possible, am I right? How can a  material that’s flexible and only 0.2mm thick possibly provide this much protection? This is better than the Gorilla Glass the iPhone already has.

I haven’t decided if I’ll be getting the iPhone 5, but if I do, I’ll be buying this new Invisible Shield. If it is even half as good as it promises, I might start using my phone sans case. And you can be sure I’ll review it here, though there’s no way I’ll attack any of my iPhones with a hammer to test this thing. Maybe I can find cheap, dead iPhone on eBay bash. That could be fun.

What do you think, could this even be possible? If it is, Otterbox should look out.

43 thoughts on “ZAGG invisibleSHIELD EXTREME Seems Impossible

  1. @StocksMD yeah, seems to defy the laws of physics and reality for that matter. @DrewConrad swears it works though. I guess I’ll find out.

  2. @justex07 yep he works for zagg and was lucky enuf to see the testing. I guess time will tell when ppl get theirs and their hammers out

  3. @StocksMD yeah. I don’t intend on hammering my iPhone, I’ll leave that to someone else on YouTube. Perhaps a @CNETAlwaysOn #torturetest.

  4. @justex07 according to drew’s tweet 3 hrs ago, he got his hands on one, and says hes gonna try a hammer. i asked him to video it.. well see

  5. @justex07 I call bullshit. iPhones can’t even survive a two foot drop onto marble floors. I doubt a screen protect can play God.

  6. @Arclite what about throwing it at a wine glass? Not really sure what that was supposed to show but ok. Maybe attached to a bottle rocket!

  7. @GenieGene_PS did you watch the video? They drop a 30 lb cinderblock on it and it survives and a bowling ball! It seems impossible though.

  8. @justex07 Yeah, I saw it and started laughing immediately. Thin plastic can in NO way displace 30lbs enough to not crack a screen.

  9. @GenieGene_PS how about I ask @ZAGGdaily to send me one and we test it on your phone? 😛 Come on, it’ll be fun!

  10. @justex07 HA! I think not. If there’s at least one thing Blackberry’s are good for, its that they can take a beating.

  11. @justex07 Although it is possible, it is highly unlikely. You can’t stop Physics. Also…I don’t think they can prevent internal damage.

  12. @justex07 the iPhone 4 has steel bands around the glass. iPhone 5 = aluminum. The force it can stand WILL be different. Less!!!

  13. @KyleDOwen yeah I don’t see how it’s possible, just not enough space in .2mm to cushion so much force! Maybe it has some Harry Potter spell going on…

  14. @KyleDOwen That’s why the back glass on the iPhone was not Gorilla Glass, so it would break before the front glass when dropped. The aluminum back can act the same way to bend and vibrate, protecting the front glass. At least that’s one theory.

  15. Count me intrigued. I’m a devoted fan of the OtterBox, but always looking for something less bulky and utilitarian. Not entirely convinced by the video, the real question is whether that sticker will protect it in a blender. Would anyone else like to see this as well?

  16. meghankrane I remember back in the day they did a ZaggDaily blender test, but they wrapped the Blackberry a dozen or so times so it wasn’t a very fair challenge. I adore my Otterbox even if it has broken in the same place two times, the warranty support is top notch and I know it has saved my phone from assisted suicide more times than I can count!

  17. justex07 meghankrane ZaggDaily My phone has a mind of it’s own. I like to think of it as an extreme athlete that is fond of the thrill of high falls onto hard surfaces, puddles, mud, and rocky outcroppings.

  18. I’ve just bought an iphone 5 and I want to go with the new Zagg invisibleshield EXTREME but people are saying that it’s hard to type on?Should I take the risk and buy the total coverage pack and don’t use an iphone 5 cover anymore? hmmmm what do you think, I need to see some drop tests.

  19. Stylow I haven’t see any reviews out of the ZAGGDaily InvisibleSHIELD EXTREME, can you share a link for me? If you’re reading review of regular or HD versions of ZAGG InvisibleSHIELDS, I can say that typing on them is no different than typing directly on the screen, with one tiny exception. Occasionally static will build up on the screen protector which disrupts the capacitive screen. Like I said, this is extremely rare and goes away after a short while. It has happened to me only a few times in the years I’ve used InvisibleSHIELDS and was likely a result of the clothes I was wearing more than the screen protector itself.Now, if you are indeed talking about the new “EXTREME” screen protectors, that I don’t know about yet. It could be that they are just that much too thick. I had one of those mirrored screen protectors on my old iPhone and it was definitely too thick. After weeks of struggling to type on my iPhone I just ripped it off. The only person I know that has seen the EXTREME screen protectors in action is ZAGG’s DrewConrad. He might be able to shed some light on this.

  20. meghankrane apparently talking about phones jumping to their death has jinxed me. Twice I have clumsily caught my iPhone 4S just before it crashed to the ground. Putting my OtterBox back on asap!

  21. justex07 meghankrane OtterBox No kidding, my phone made another daring jump this weekend onto a concrete floor. My OtterBox was my best iphone investment ever.

  22. @otterboxcs Your cases are the best thing that ever happened to my iphone, thanks for making awesome products!

  23. npearson89 That is incredible! Now if only the video was recorded the right orientation haha. 😛 Can’t believe it survived all that! Thanks for sharing the video.

  24. justex07 npearson89 hoping Yo test it on iPhone 4s and 5 soon. I will test it on my one x as soon as one is released.

  25. @justex07 the wrench video broke the screen unfortunately – u can search for it on YouTube

  26. @StocksMD yeah I see it failed but the point of impact was the size of a pencil eraser and thus much harder than a hammer or real-world drop like onto concrete. Plus they hit the screen like a dozen or more times. I’d say that’s pretty impressive. 😀

  27. Stylow Wow, that’s pretty awesome. Never seen or heard of that company and protector. Awfully tempting to try that out. The adhesion makes me a little weary, I can see it peeling off pretty easily (rigidity causes problems there). Like the idea of feeling like glass (because it is glass) and that it won’t mess with the brilliance of the Retina screen which most screen protectors have a tendency of doing.

  28. Stylow not yet, still waiting to get my hands on an iPhone 5. All the AT&T stores here in San Francisco are sold out and haven’t gotten a shipment in over a week.

  29. meghankrane justex07 OtterBox I think the iPhone 4 is hard to hold without a case.  It never

  30. Here is a head to head comparison with an iPhone 4 with Zagg extreme screen protector and without.  It made a difference.

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