Reviving My Photoblog

It’s now officially been over a year since I last updated my photoblog. It kind of blows my mind considering photoblogs should take a lot less work than a wordy blog like this does to maintain. The process should be quite simple:

  1. Take a picture
  2. Process the photo
  3. Write a few sentences about the photo
  4. Post the photo


Yet here I am, without a post in 12 months. What a mess. Luckily I’ve promised myself that I would put an end to not blogging and doing the things that really make me happy. Also lucky for me? I get so many wonderful opportunities to take photos and make art out of them. Or at least what I consider my art.

This weekend my mom flew into San Diego to celebrate my birthday a bit early. I turn 30 next Saturday… Wish me luck on that one. More on all that later, I promise!

This post isn’t supposed to encapsulate all the fun and adventures we went on but I did want to use it as a way to hold myself accountable of making at least five updates to my photoblog in the upcoming week. Oh, quick note, all of the following images were taken with my Pentax MX-1. The most hipster of seriously-cool range-finder-ish digital cameras.


Let’s hope I don’t fail us all! It’s time you all start holding me accountable! There, I’ve passed my failure onto you.

25 thoughts on “Reviving My Photoblog

  1. silversly80 I’m glad to hear it! No one complained when I stopped… wasn’t exactly the vote of confidence I think I needed at the time. lol

  2. justex07 I get that. I quit writing/blogging last year because after my thesis I just felt so drained creatively. It’s good to take a break

  3. silversly80 yeah. My life got too crazy in about a dozen different ways. I’m trying to pull things back into my own orbit these days.

  4. justex07 the Internet is always abuzz w/ so much content. The absence of something isn’t always obvious. That doesn’t mean it isn’t missed.

  5. LeoWolfe I love where your head is. Trying to be better about not letting myself get caught up on inferred realities over actual reality.

  6. codyrodriguez seems like half the photos I’ve taken lately have been with you so I have you to thank in a way 😀

  7. GenieGenePS apparently you have access to my subconsciousness. That’s what plays on loop most of the time for most of what I do. Ack!

  8. justex07 awwww yay!!! Same with me ive gotten some good photos with you U0001f603

  9. drable me too! I’m super excited to start being productive artistically. Can’t believe I let so many things get in the way of what I love.

  10. justex07 codyrodriguez I used to have a DSLR but then sold it for some new furniture, my trusty iPhone 5S is my camera of choice now 😉

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