Free Stand-Up-Athon Download and Voting

I have so many things to update you guys and gals on these days. I’ve been so busy traveling, working, vacationing and other things that end with “ing” that I haven’t had time for one of the most important “ing” things, blogging.


Really quickly I’d like let you know about a great deal. Keith and the Girl, the podcast I’ve done some work with and have been a dedicated fan of for the last eight plus years, is giving my friends, readers, followers and stalkers (yeah you too…) a free download of their HILARIOUS Stand-Up-Athon.

Use code: KATGJUSTIN and get a free download at this link. Then click here to vote.

The first ten people to use the link promo code can get it for free! But hurry, the contest ends today!

It’s a long list of some of the best comics in the business doing 2 minutes of standup in hopes to win the $500 prize.

Comics in order of appearance:

I brought new friends to Keith and the Girl shows every night I was in New York City and every one of them had an amazing time and none of them had listened to the show before! This is your chance to get a taste of the action!

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