Graduation Day

In the next few hours I’ll be walking across the stage at the Hearnes Center accepting my diploma, which turns out might add up to two or three degrees, oops!  I started this blog my first year at the University of Missouri.  It was my outlet to my friends on what I was thinking and doing hundreds of miles away from them.  However, a few years later it became so much more than a blog about school, fraternity life and travel.

This blog followed just about everything going on in my life in college.  It was sure a wild ride from my freshman year to today.  I’ve transferred to different states, different degree plans, different dorms, different apartments, different friends, different lives entirely.  But today I’m ending the cycle.  I’m finishing what I started and preparing for the rest of my life.

Through all of my hard work, heavy networking and a handful of luck, not only am I graduating today but I’m graduating with a job, something that 80% of my fellow graduates do not have.  The fact that only 19.7% of graduates this time last year had a job by the day they walked the stage is appalling and tells me even more how lucky I am.

I start with Pure full time June 1 as their Manager of Digital Strategy.  I’m incredibly excited about the opportunities that sit in my future with Pure.  An innovative company with an eye to the future that isn’t afraid to try the things no one else has.

So with this, I post my last post as an undergrad.  The next time you see me here I will be a graduate!

Thanks for joining me on the ride, let’s see where we go next together!

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2 thoughts on “Graduation Day

  1. You’ve done great things, and I know you will continue to.  Congratulations, Justin!  I’m glad we met on your journey, and I look forward to seeing what you do next.

  2. Justin, Congratulations! Im really proud of you and your achievements, and I know you’ll accomplish even more greater things!  Good luck, now off to greener pastures! 

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