Klipsch Image S4i

Image S4i In-Ear Headset With Mic And 3-Button Remote Headphones.  These headphones will be replacing my Griffin Tunebuds Mobile which were great cheap headphones but really started to show their weaknesses after extensive use.  I still highly recommend them for people in need of significantly improved headphones to those that came with their iPhone/iPod but there are a few serious design flaws.

A major flaw, which I hope the Klipsch likely won’t suffer, came with the headphone plug itself.  It sticks straight up about 1 inch from the headphone jack when plugged in.  The problem? With the iPhone in your pocket, you bend down to say tie your shoes, or in my case, bend down to take a picture, and you break the jack!

UPDATE: Turns out the Klipsch S4i uses the same unfortunate headphone jack. Just waiting to break it. :-\

This has happened to me with three pairs of the Griffin TuneBuds and 2 pairs of UltimateEars 4vi headphones.  If the S4i from Klipsch are anything like the S4, the headphone jack will be a shorter, L-shaped jack.

I will definitely be posting a review of these headphones as soon as they come in.  I got to beta test all of Klipsch’s headphones at the factory and then at home a couple of year ago.  These headphones are the most comfortable in-ear headphones I’ve ever used and the sound quality is top-notch, just like any other Klipsch product.

Oh, and on a really cool note, Klipsch wrote a little ditty about me today on one of their blogs.  Check out the post by Amy Unger (who is probably the best CS person in existence).

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