Luggage Lost

I waited and waited but you never showed
In Bahrain we first parted
To Saudi to Frankfurt, we traveled together
Come Chicago┬áreunited, for Custom and Immigration’s pleasure.

St Louis I waited, anticipated
But you never showed.

Damn you Chicago, the booze and the jazz
Confuse-ed United
Luggage workers spazzed.

You are lost now and missed
And I am quite pissed

United I hate you.

5 thoughts on “Luggage Lost

  1. That is one squeaky clean airport!!  Sorry about your luggage.  On my last trip to Seattle, they lost mine on the way there.  I didn’t get see it again until I got home.  I feel ya.

  2. @klipschgirl yeah, that really is a clean airport. Didn’t notice that at first haha. Guess I was a little annoyed at the moment.  Luggage came in though, JUST before my shuttle left for Columbia!

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