Moonshine and the Oasis

My grandmother and I went to Austin on Friday to pick Ryan up from the airport.  We had a scare as he nearly missed the flight out of Kansas city but he got in on time and with his bags, whew, what a relief.

From the airport we went to Moonshine, a great restaurant in Austin.  We shared a large selection of appetizers from spinach and artichoke fondue to grilled garlic cloves to polenta.  It was all so very tasty.

After lunch we drove to the capitol and around the downtown area before heading out of town, making one more stop at The Oasis on Lake Travis.


It is very hard to capture the immense size of The Oasis in one shot.  It would probably require a few shots with my fish eye lens to accomplish that.

The Oasis is a restaurant on Lake Travis (as you might have surmised from the full name above).  Only a few years ago the place burned down to the ground.  Well the place has been rebuilt and the food improved and the view is every as stunning.  The guy behind it all is a friend of my grandmother’s best friend.  He’s a little tiny itsy bit rich.  Check out his home, it’s that giant one.  It looks like three homes, it’s one.  Just so you know…


But like I said, the views are fabulous.  The only thing possibly close to being as good are the drinks.  Fun and funky margaritas and mixed drinks.


We had a few drinks, took a few pictures and then headed to Horseshoe Bay where my grandparents live.

So it was a great day, amazing food, amazing drinks and beautiful scenery.

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