Recapping 2015 Part 1

If you thought I’d be writing like a mad man in 2015 you were sadly mistaken. In a period of time where so much has changed for me it’s bewildering that it was the first year in over a decade that I wasn’t writing.

I managed to go over a year without a single post and it sure wasn’t because I had nothing to share. The last time I checked in with anyone on here was nearly 500 days ago. In that time I’ve made some massive changes to my life.

Unstable Cliffs warning sign at La Jolla Shores in San DiegoLet’s go through the highlights. I’ll keep this part brief, so much to share would hate to condense it into a single post!

San Diego is Home

Pacific Ocean Sunset from La Jolla Shores San Diego

In 2014 I decided to make San Diego my home and not just a stop along as I returned to San Francisco for a second time in my life. I can’t really say how it happened. I woke up one day and said, I want to buy a house. I accepted a full time position at a financial firm and a month later I was signing what seemed like a million pages of paper and “closing escrow” on the first house that caught my eye.

Loan_FundedSeriously. I closed on my house faster than my realtor, mortgage lender and escrow company said they would have ever expected. Despite the plethora of issues that came up, as they do with any home purchase, I pushed through and made it happen.

It was one of the most stressful moments of my life but let me tell you, 100% worth it. No more apartment living for me! Just like that I was the proud owner of a three bedroom, two bath house in what Redfin declared “America’s Best Neighborhood.” Wow. My New Home

San Francisco is where my heart is, that will never change, but San Diego is home, at least for now.

Periodic Cohabitation

When I moved to San Diego I was put into a position I hadn’t found myself in since college. I was living alone. At first it was awesome. I had all this freedom and space; things in short supply back in San Francisco where I shared a bedroom with Ryan and an apartment with our roommate Mark. Luckily it was a large space but it got real small, real quick.

It wasn’t long before the freedom sort of wore off and while this all happened in 2014 not 2015, it’s worth mentioning… One of my best friends moved in with me for a handful of months in my old apartment and it was just glorious. Could not have asked for a better situation! When he moved out I felt a bit of a hole in my life.

So when I was looking at buying a house I decided to invite another friend to rent a room from me. On paper this was going to be a great situation. In reality it was an absolute disaster. I don’t want to go into many details here but the short story is I was taken advantage of and made to look a fool. I didn’t listen to my friends who were advising me to do otherwise.

Luckily that hell was short-lived. After another brief stint of bachelorhood another friend moved in with me. Cody, who had spent like about one weekend a month visiting me left Texas and came to live with me. It’s been awesome.

Cody Rodriguez standing in front of comic books in Ocean Beach San Diego

We are both creatives, both dorky, both handy and we get along like you wouldn’t believe. If you don’t know Cody you should check him out on Twitter, Facebook, his blog, YouTube and Instagram. Yeah, he’s a social media addict like me too!

To be continued…

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