The Devil’s Icebox

The other day I wrote about needing a picture in order to post these days.  That or unwrought emotion.  Pictures are safer 😉

So I went to Rock Bridge State Park to visit the Devil’s Icebox cave.  It’s a pretty neat place, very cool, literally.  It went from around 80-90 degrees to the 50’s in just a short trip down some stairs.  It was fabulous.


The entrance is pretty majestic and daunting when you are alone.  I just knew someone, or something, was going to get me as soon as I turned my back on the stairs and began my journey into the cave.


The cave is 11 kilometers deep, I went in about 50 feet before I decided that was enough.  In my defense, I was carrying my Nikon D80, Tokina 10-17mm and my SB-600 flash.  Plus I wasn’t wearing my “play clothes” haha.  Oh, and there was the whole, no flashlight deal and the, is that a serial killer just around the bend waiting to kill me, thing.  Yeah, I wasn’t paranoid at all.


All and all it was a fun little trip all by myself.  It would have been a lot more fun had taken a friend with me and the proper cave exploring tools, like a lantern…

The temperature difference hit me pretty good and hard once I got out of the cave.  Hot, humid and gross.  Fogged up my lens pretty nicely but created an interesting effect on this picture.


Ahhh, even though I didn’t take but a few pictures, and even though the park is pretty damn boring, I had my fun.