This is how I ride in San Francisco

I recently got my road bike tuned up and beefed up for riding around in the city. My normal bike for pedaling around San Francisco was stolen a few months ago. It was much better suited for jumping curbs and dodging potholes. So I’m down to a road bike, not so bad but it makes for one hell of a rough ride. Last night I picked up my bike from the great people at Everybody Bikes and rode it home from the Inner Sunset to the Castro. It went a little like this:

Danny MacAskill is a professional street trials rider and a man who knows more than most about power and control. His unique bike stunts have earned him international recognition and his films have been watched by over 30 million. Street Trials demands focus, skill and above all, precise control – all of which are needed for complex jumps and balancing on extremely narrow obstacles. Danny has these qualities and more which mean he makes conquering formidable urban landscapes look truly effortless. (link)

Well except I was way cooler and did it at night time… Hats off to my friend with the best curation skills in town, Lauren Kilberg, for finding that video. If you aren’t already reading her blog, do it. She finds the most amazing things from all over the real world and the Internet and shares it on the regular.  Continue reading