The Pinnacles

Today was a weird, but nice day. I woke up at 6:46 in the morning without an alarm or anything! I chatted online for a bit, made a smoothie (two bananas, 1/2 cup of fat free yogurt and a cup of berries) drank it up, showered and headed out. I got to Starbucks, bought my plane ticket to Washington DC and then headed to the dentist.

The dentist appointment was just to check on the status of my Invisalign, to see if I wanted to do it and see the difference I would receive from it. It looks like it is going to be worth it. There isn’t a whole lot to change, my teeth are in pretty fabulous shape, but there are a few things that culd be improved, so why not?

After that I investigated tanning salons, kinda out of curiosity and kinda out of the fact that I’m looking a bit albino. While I am attracted to pale and dark people alike, I find myself terribly unattractive in my current state of affairs, translucent. I tanned at The Tan Company and then worked out a bit followed by a tuna sandwich with fresh tomatoes. Then back to Starbucks.

I hung out a bit chit chatting with Jessica2, I heart her. We are going to the library together tomorrow, super excited!


After my little time at SBUX, I went with Ryan to The Pinnacles. This is the highest point in Boone County and the views are stunning. I just really loved it. Glad he brought me out there and glad I got to hang out with him. He is a wonderful person.

Then Ryan and I met up with Beau and got some tasty Hibachi at Osaka. We had a great time before heading out to Arch and Columns where I bumped into some wonderful friends. Chadd showed up with some friends of his who became sorta my friends. It was nice to see him… I kinda missed him, ya know?  I didn’t really realize how much I missed him or the idea thereof until then. But what can you do? Right?  Seem like too many questions.  Don’t you think? 😉

I was most excited to see Jazmine out. She is moving back to California, lucky duck. I’m going to miss her a lot.

I guess it is time for bed. Love you all. I miss so many people right now. Geoff, call me, let’s hang out.

And now I leave you with a song.


Don’t read too much into it. The song came on when I got home on my computer and made me get to thinking. Thought I’d post it.



All my people are leaving me! Today Geoff, Jenny, Jim, Jake, Josh, Shannon, Megan, Matt, Eric, Annie, … They’re all graduated. Congratulations to you all.

Today I should have graduated, let’s hope next year will be my year. I won’t be convinced until I’m walking the stage.


It is hard to think about living in Columbia without these people, and the many other unnamed in this post. You were all so very special to me and have had an incredible impact on who I am today.

I can look back to my freshman year, virgin, freshly out and learning how to make friends on my own. Immediately Geoff was in my life, and it was truly love at first sight. But our love was to be put on hold until we were ready to be with each other. We eventually made our relationship official and a world of firsts began.

We all know how it ended, it wasn’t pretty. But like a phoenix rising from the ashes, our friendship still rings true. That is true love, true friendship.


I will have lost the four most important people in my life this year, lost to Washington DC and St. Louis. Jenny and Geoff are both heading to St. Louis to continue their education. I’m so proud of them and their devotion to their life’s work. Landon and Jim are in and off to Washington DC. Landon headed there last semester but went through his second graduation this week gaining another degree from Mizzou. Saying goodbye to him just an hour ago was more emotional that I had expected.

It will take great effort on my part not to feel alone now, now that the absolute closest people in my life have left this part of their journey through life with me still trailing behind.  As I watch the last Lord of the Rings movie on TBS, I am reminded of A) how dorky I am, B) How much Geoff and I loved to watch this movie together, and C) how special true friends are.

On a less emotional note, where were the fashion police when this woman put on her fingernail polish?  Yikes.


This semester ended with great grades, a confusing (and yet promising) relationship(sorta), the departing of friends, the rekindling of old friendships (Dave, lunch was so much fun) and the start of a new(ish) life, and even more independence.

He’s Got Game

Last night I was in some interesting company.  Chadd, Landon, Geoff, and several others who I would normally never put into the same room.  It was interesting at times, not so much with Chadd but dynamics between other people, especially one certain un-named character.

But in the end, last night was relatively uneventful.  However, the next morning would prove different.

First off, I thought I had to be at work at 8:45am, but it turns out I needed to be there at 8:45pm.  oops.  Oh well, it actually worked out because the store was absolutely swamped and they were going to cut my night shift.  Yay for being 12 hours early.

When I got to my car to drive to work I noticed that the door felt kinda weird while opening.  I get out of my car and see a big ol’ dent in the front wheel well right by the door.  Such a big dent that it hampers the door opening and have broken the paint, pinching the metal.


I at first thought a car had hit me, but after closer inspection, I noticed that pressed into the paint was the word Wilson, in reverse.  And an even better look saw the impression of the texture of a basket ball. 

A basketball caused this.  How in the world could someone throw a ball this hard?  Someone must have kicked it.  But when I left my car at 1:00am, there were two cars on my left side, one so close I could barely get my door open. 

This happened between the hours of 1:00am and 8:30am and at least one car had to have left in order for the ball to hit.

It’s pretty annoying, plus with a $1000 deductable, getting it fixed won’t be cheap.  Whoever did this to my car, you’re a bastard.