The Pinnacles

Today was a weird, but nice day. I woke up at 6:46 in the morning without an alarm or anything! I chatted online for a bit, made a smoothie (two bananas, 1/2 cup of fat free yogurt and a cup of berries) drank it up, showered and headed out. I got to Starbucks, bought my plane ticket to Washington DC and then headed to the dentist.

The dentist appointment was just to check on the status of my Invisalign, to see if I wanted to do it and see the difference I would receive from it. It looks like it is going to be worth it. There isn’t a whole lot to change, my teeth are in pretty fabulous shape, but there are a few things that culd be improved, so why not?

After that I investigated tanning salons, kinda out of curiosity and kinda out of the fact that I’m looking a bit albino. While I am attracted to pale and dark people alike, I find myself terribly unattractive in my current state of affairs, translucent. I tanned at The Tan Company and then worked out a bit followed by a tuna sandwich with fresh tomatoes. Then back to Starbucks.

I hung out a bit chit chatting with Jessica2, I heart her. We are going to the library together tomorrow, super excited!


After my little time at SBUX, I went with Ryan to The Pinnacles. This is the highest point in Boone County and the views are stunning. I just really loved it. Glad he brought me out there and glad I got to hang out with him. He is a wonderful person.

Then Ryan and I met up with Beau and got some tasty Hibachi at Osaka. We had a great time before heading out to Arch and Columns where I bumped into some wonderful friends. Chadd showed up with some friends of his who became sorta my friends. It was nice to see him… I kinda missed him, ya know?  I didn’t really realize how much I missed him or the idea thereof until then. But what can you do? Right?  Seem like too many questions.  Don’t you think? 😉

I was most excited to see Jazmine out. She is moving back to California, lucky duck. I’m going to miss her a lot.

I guess it is time for bed. Love you all. I miss so many people right now. Geoff, call me, let’s hang out.

And now I leave you with a song.


Don’t read too much into it. The song came on when I got home on my computer and made me get to thinking. Thought I’d post it.