Griffin TuneBuds Mobile Review

These are great iPhone Headphones.

I own headphones that cost $10 and headphones that cost $500. Sennheiser, Klipsch, Grado, Koss, Yamaha, Sony, AKG, UltimateEars, Apple, Klipsch, Audio Technica, Shure, Etymotic Research

I own a lot of headphones and I of course have my favorites and they aren’t always the expensive ones. And when it comes to headphones for a mobile device, you really don’t want something too expensive.

Expensive headphones that are going to be thrown into your bag as you run out to the gym or as you go through security at the airport are just a bad idea.

Now, I do own a $300 pair of super portable headphones and every time I travel with them I’m constantly checking my pockets and bag to make sure I haven’t lost them.

So far I haven’t.

I say these headphones are the best iPhone headphones for several reasons.

  • Price. Shipped price was $29.99 from
  • Performance. Beats any, yes ANY, headphone from Apple. Even their new dual driver headphones.
  • The bass is thumping but not messy. The lower end, while not bottomless goes deep enough for anyone less the bass heads out there.
  • The highs are just fine, not as refined as say the UltimateEars 5 Pros but 1/10 the price so…
  • Integrated iPhone mic and button, no more fooling around with the phone to pause, advance or answer a call.
  • Fantastic isolation. Dare I some of the best isolation I’ve ever had from an in-ear headphone? (results will vary on each person’s ear canal of course)

If you have an iPhone, get these headphones. Toss out the stock headphones. Save the Shure SE310’s for at listening at home or at work.

These are better than the Shure SE110’s and the Ultimate iPhone headsets. The mic is better than the Apple version and the button easier to push.

I find myself leaving my Sennheiser HD600’s and Ultimate Ears 5 Pros collecting dust more and more often now that I have these cans. Though, I might venture out to try Griffin’s TuneBuds FIT headphones. If they are any bit better than the TuneBud Mobile headsets, and at such a price. Another must buy!

Even at full retail, they are cheaper and better than anything from V-Moda, Maximo, Skullcandy or JBuds.

Griffin Simplifi Dock

When I got my iPhone 3G, I was a little bit annoyed that it didn’t come with a dock. Really Apple? No dock?

To get the dock you had to pay an addition $29. Not for me, no thanks. If I’m going to have to pay for a dock it either be really cheap or do more than hold my phone, am I right?!

Enter the Griffin Simplifi Dock

It’s $69, fun number, but I got mine for $39 at Have I told you lately, that I love

What is the Griffin Simplifi Dock? It syncs any iPod/iPhone ever made in it’s dock (original iPod Shuffle uses the USB hub in the rear) while reading xD, SD/SDHC, Memory Stick/Pro and Compact Flash. That’s a lot.

So it syncs your iPhone, adds two USB ports and let’s you take pics off your digital camera’s memory cards! All that for $69/39?! That’s really a steal.

Mine came in today.

So how about it. The build quality, like any Griffin product, is stellar. The dock is heavy, the rubber pad below it keeps it stuck to the desk when you push in a memory card and it comes with all the dock adapters you’d ever need.

Oops, wait. Unless you have an iPhone 3G. Yep. It’s advertised for something for which it doesn’t have a dock adapter. You can buy one for $1.99… plus $6 in shipping. Well, it works with the original iPhone dock adapter.

I’ll stick with that. Though the 3G adapter will be a bit sturdier.

It’s a great dock, I love it for that. However, when syncing with Aperture, it took a good bit longer to get my 10.2mp NEF files from my SDHC card. Significantly longer. But, then again, it always takes a while to import 1-4gb of photos into Aperture so maybe it isn’t so bad. Definitely better than having to unplug things to get my card adapter into the back of my computer!

I really should run some tests comparing speeds of syncs and taking data off the cards. If anyone shows interest, I’ll do it otherwise… In the end it gets a solid B+. It’d be an A/A+ if they included the dock adapter for the iPhone 3G and if were a bit faster.

Bottom line?  If you have an iPod/iPhone and a digital camera, you should, must buy this dock.  Consider the two extra USB ports the cherry on top!